Schools’ Appeal

Help us to re-open Aschiana’s schools in 5 camps for displaced people, Afghanistan

£8,000 will re-open and run a school for a whole year.

The schools have been closed because of Covid-19 and lack of funds. Now they need to be re-opened to give these children an education and a chance to transform their lives.

The camps are for Internally Displaced People, forced by war to flee from provinces such as Helmand. Many of them have lost their homes, livelihoods and family members caught in the crossfire. They have come to Kabul seeking work and shelter and ended up in camps in barren wastelands away from the city.

Aschiana is one of the very few organisations working within the camps for the welfare of these people.

Each school will have 2 shifts morning and afternoon, a total of 50 children per day, boys and girls equally

The aim is to educate these children and integrate them into the mainstream school system. Aschiana has already succeeded in integrating more than 20,000 children in this way.

Each child is also given a hot meal every day, brought by car from Aschiana’s main centre, some 12 miles away. We need to help to improve the quality of this food and include fresh fruit and vitamin-enriched drinks.

£35 pays for a teacher per week; £6 for Covid-19 protection materials; £6 stationery; £6 teaching materials.

And £11 will feed 50 children per day, with hot, freshly-cooked food, fresh fruit and vitamin-enriched drinks.

Without these schools, they will grow up illiterate and working on the dangerous streets.

Children who work on the streets, die on the streets, alone and from the age of 8. The team at Aschiana are doing all they can to prevent this. Please help us to give them the support they need.

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Friends of Aschiana UK has visited the camps at: Charahi Qambar; Nasaji Bagrami; Poli Shina and Qala e Barqi to witness first-hand the conditions and the impact of Aschiana’s work in providing the children with an education and food.

£8,000 provides a fully-functioning school for one year for some of the poorest children in the world. Please give anything you can to help us make this happen.


Thank you