Solar Energy System

To install a 10 Kw, 48 V Solar System on the roof of Aschiana, the School for Street Working Children in Afghanistan, will cost £28,000 and take 3 weeks to complete.

It will save £900 a month on the electricity bill, money which could be better spent on educational programmes. Solar energy systems are in widespread use in Afghanistan. Bringing energy to some of the poorest children on the planet is now a viable and affordable possibility. We are currently raising funds to make this a reality. Our aim is to complete before the Afghan winter sets in. Any support you can give will go directly to help make this happen. Thank you!

We all rely on electricity:

Everything required to give these children a proper education, vocational skills, healthy meals, heat and light, needs electricity.

I.T Training and computer skills.

State of the art equipment, to give real opportunities for employment after graduation.

A hot meal cooked at the school, fresh every day

Night lights installed on the football pitch, so Aschiana can rent out the space to other organisations and raise money for the school.£5 will feed a child for 20 days.

Solar is the imaginative way to solve energy problems, whilst protecting the environment. Please help us achieve our goal.

We need to raise £28,000 to install A 10 Kw, 48 V Solar System on the roof of Aschiana School. Please give whatever you can. Thank you!