Hot Meal A Day

One of the main priorities of Friends of Aschiana UK, is to give continuing support to the Hot Meal a Day programme at Aschiana. This programme has been running successfully for many years.  By providing hot, freshly cooked food to the children at Aschiana’s main school, and in the IDP camps around Kabul, Aschiana is not only improving the health of the children, it boosts their ability to concentrate on their studies and have the energy to play all the sports available at the school.

Aschiana is providing a hot meal a day to 800 children at its main school in Kabul, and over 1,500 in the IDP camps.

It costs 0.25p a day to provide each child with a hot meal.

£5 will feed a child for 20 days.

£10 will feed a child for 40 days.

A monthly donation means they do not go hungry. Thank you for whatever you can afford to give.