Winter Aid Appeal for Aschiana’s Children

Winter in Kabul and its surrounds is extremely cold. The nights, in particular, are bitter and can reach as low as -20/-25 °C. The snow falls often and heavily.

This is Aschiana’s main school in Kabul. The children here receive a hot meal every day, which is often their only full meal in the winter months.

Lunchtime at Aschiana school. To feed a child a hot meal a day costs just .25p.

Aschiana’s schools in the IDP camps have closed until the spring but the children and their families need food and fuel for heating just to survive the winter. £50 will keep a family of 5 warm and fed for the whole of the winter, providing rice, flour, beans, cooking oil, sugar, salt and a family-sized blanket.

Friends of Aschiana UK have helped to provide for Aschiana’s children and their families, each year during the harshest of the winter months.

This is just one of Aschiana’s schools in the IDP camps which we want to help restart in the spring, giving children an education and a hot meal a day. The food is delivered by car, each day, fresh from the kitchen at Aschiana’s main school in Kabul. This is not possible during the winter months, which is why the supply of basic food and fuel is vital.

Please help us to support these children and their families until the warmer weather returns and they can resume working and studying, to improve their lives, leave this deprivation behind them and have a chance of a brighter future.

Thank you