Tailoring Centre

Friends of Aschiana UK are proud to help support Aschiana’s new state of the art Tailoring Centre at the school in Kabul. Boys and girls, who show an aptitude for tailoring, are taken onto the course to receive training from a specialist Tutor.

Friends of Aschiana UK funded the purchase of Digital Sewing Machines, materials and necessary equipment to set up the centre in its first year, with the aim of it becoming self-sufficient. The centre has already acquired a contract to provide uniforms for a neighbouring school, and are producing high quality samples to present to retail outlets in Kabul.

Students learn on modern, new digital sewing machines and cutting equipment.

A specialised tutor teaches theory and practice of modern tailoring, equipping the students to find employment on completing the course.

The students are producing high quality samples, distributed to retail outlets in Kabul.

The tailoring Centre has already won a contract to provide uniforms for a school in Kabul.

Literacy class for women on tailoring course

Friends of Aschiana UK have funded a Literacy Class for mothers of street working children, who have been encouraged to enter the Tailoring Course, to give them the opportunity for providing for their families. Many are excellent seamstresses, but have never received a formal education. The Literacy course running in conjunction with the Tailoring, vastly improves their opportunities for employment on graduation. Some of them even go on to start their own small businesses, with the help of Aschiana’s Small Loans Scheme.