A Film by Laurie Lyon (Aged 11)

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When Laurie’s school, Belhaven Hill, in Scotland, announced they were running a competition, for the students to come up with their own 2-minute videos, Laurie decided on a humanitarian theme. He chose to highlight the plight of Afghan children, living in squalid camps outside Kabul, who had no school to go to, until Aschiana brought education to the camps. Those schools were then closed by the Covid pandemic and Aschiana needs help to re-open them and give these children a proper education.

We were so pleased when Laurie produced and directed his own film, using some of our footage from Afghanistan, added his own video material and wrote and recorded his voice-over commentary to come up with a video appeal, to help some of the poorest children in the world to go to school.

Thank you, Laurie, it’s a great video!

In Laurie’s own words:

“For me and for my brother and sister, when we watch a video, we find ourselves being glued to the screen and we hang on every word that is said. So, in this video, I’m trying to project my ideas in a way that children can find easy to watch and understand. We have been in a different world from the Afghan children and we’ve never been there and never seen it. But a video takes you there. There aren’t actually that many videos we can find about Afghan children. So at least here is one.”

And a word from Laurie’s brother, Hamish aged 8:

“You need to take interest in other people’s worlds. Not just your own – especially with the Corona Virus because our situations are all so different. And you can feel your life is bad until you see someone else’s which is so much worse and you want to help.”

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