We continue supporting the Hot Meal Per Day programme

hot meal per day

At the beginning of 2016, One of the main priorities of Friends of Aschiana UK, is to help support the Hot Meal a Day programme at Aschiana. The programme has been running successfully for many years, but now is coming under threat because of the increase in numbers of children requiring its service.  A harsh winter in Kabul came early, and Friends of Aschiana UK sent an emergency £5,000 to help provide hot, freshly cooked food to the 500 children at Aschiana's main school. However, a further 800 children, whom Aschiana is providing an education for in the IDP camps around Kabul, are in desperate need of food. It costs just .25p a day to provide each child with a hot meal.

We are preparing a new fundraising campaign, to appear on our new Donations page coming shortly, to raise a further £5,000 to help Aschiana feed these children.

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