serving hatch before improvementThanks to a generous donation to Friends of Aschiana UK from St James' Place Foundation in London, Aschiana's main school in Kabul now has a beautiful, new dining area, fit for their young students. Before, the floor was grey concrete, the walls paint-peeling, there were no chairs and the children ate standing up to broken and rickety tables. Now, they have new tables, a chair for every student, vinyl flooring, repaired and freshly painted walls and serving hatch - plus china plates and proper cutlery in place of aluminium bowls.

In the past there was no heating, and as the temperatures in Kabul in winter sink to as low as minus 20, keeping the children warm was and still is a constant battle. However, the inclusion of a new wood-fired heater, again thanks to St James' Place Foundation's generosity, has improved the situation in the dining area. As you can see in the photos, the children are still bundled up in warm clothing, but it is a vast improvement on the previous situation. The children and staff of Aschiana, the School For Street Working Children, Afghanistan, have asked us to say a huge thank you to the people at the St James' Place Foundation in London, for caring to make a difference to their lives on the other side of the world.


Salang Nature by Ashna Koutchis by Ashna Nature of Paghman by Najib