Street working children in KabulKabul based artist Azim Fakri has long viewed the children working on the streets on his home city with a heavy heart. Doing menial and often dangerous work, the children are robbed of their childhoods and dignity by crushing poverty. Enlisting the help of British photojournalist Guy Smallman, Azim has made it his mission to raise awareness about the plight of the children. Not by telling their stories for them, but by empowering them to do it themselves. This spring five street children were taught the basics of photography and issued with cameras. The result is an exhibition showing the underbelly of Kabul through the eyes of its street children. Their photography shines a light on the people living on the margins as well as showing off their own skill and ability to learn. Our street angels have proved that they possess just as much talent and potential as any other child regardless of their circumstances.

The Street angels exhibition starts at the IFA Institute in Kabul on Thursday August the 7th and will run for a week. It will be in London this coming October with more venues and cities to be confirmed in between.

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Salang Nature by Ashna Koutchis by Ashna Nature of Paghman by Najib