Two boys from Aschiana killed

We have received the tragic news that two pupils at Aschiana, The School for Street Working Children, Afghanistan, have been killed in a roadside explosion. Eight year old Hashim and his friend Zaqoom, aged nine, both street working children and receiving an education at Aschiana’s centre in Charahi Qambar, died whilst working in the road outside Kabul University on November 16th.

Caroline Mylon, Chair of Friends of Aschiana UK, knows the area and that particular road, very well. In 2002, the University itself was a bomb site. Last year in 2012, it had been transformed into a buzzing, upbeat place, full of confident students, its restored faculty buildings surrounded by trees and parkland. Because Aschiana provides street working children with an education they would not otherwise have had, the prospect of continuing to higher education and University represents a genuine goal that even the poorest child in Afghanistan can set his or her sights on.

That these two little boys should die so violently, within sight of the University is as poignant as it is indefensible. The Head of Aschiana, Engineer Mohammad Yousef, says it is an example of the terrible risks facing children working the streets in Afghanistan, and makes him more committed than ever to get them off the streets permanently and into the shelter of full-time education. Friends of Aschiana UK join him in that resolve. We shall work harder in the name of those two little boys, Hashim and Zaqoon, to honour their short lives and try to make a better future for their generation. We’re very grateful to anyone who helps us.

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