This has been offered on a special project to feed and educate over 2,000 children in the camps which are growing around the main cities of Afghanistan, housing families who have lost everything in the fighting in Helmand Province. Together with our friends, The Aschiana Foundation in the USA, we have provided the funds to employ the teachers needed to run the tented schools within the camps. The main partner in the project is the Roshan Telecommunications company of Afghanistan, which is providing a hot meal a day, freshly cooked and delivered to the children attending Aschiana's classes. 

Last year, we saw for ourselves the terrible conditions which the people are enduring in these "IDP" (Internally Displaced Persons) camps. (see PHOTOS) They are not refugees, but people who have lost their livelihoods, their homes and members of their families in the conflict in their homeland, and have been forced to come to the cities for shelter and a means to earn a living. The children suffer the most in these conditions. They are deprived of an education, food is scarce and often there is no water supply in the camps. Aschiana has also been involved with installing water pumps and providing school tents and an education for both boys and girls at camps outside Kabul and is now helping families living in camps outside Mazar-e Sharif and Herat. 
Meanwhile, Aschiana continues to run its schools and centres for Streetworking Children, some of the poorest and most deprived children in the world, who, without Aschiana, would remain illiterate and at risk from all the dangers and threats they face day and night on the busy streets: kidnapping, drug abuse, sexual abuse and other violence. Aschiana helps both boys and girls to receive an education, vocational training and fresh, nutritious food, with the aim of lifting them from the depths of poverty to a more prosperous future. Your help really does make a difference to our efforts to help the most vulnerable people in Afghanistan.

Salang Nature by Ashna Koutchis by Ashna Nature of Paghman by Najib