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Friends of Aschiana UK, together with a hugely generous contribution from the Linda Norgrove Foundation, have helped Aschiana to realise a heartfelt ambition, to provide a brand new, all-weather football pitch for their street working boys and girls. The new pitch has floodlights for night games and a new seating area for spectators. Organised sport is one of the most important areas, where these children can reclaim their childhood. The combination of sports and regular meals, provided by Aschiana, has also seen a vast improvement in their academic work. Most important of all is the spirit of fun it brings to street working children, who have had little provision for joy in their short lives. Thank you to all our supporters who have donated funds to help make this wonderful new pitch a reality. 

If you would like to donate to our present and future programmes at Aschiana, please go to our Donate Page. 99% of all funds raised goes to help improve the lives of some of the most deprived children in the world, the street working children of Afghanistan. 

In June 2015, Friends of Aschiana UK heard that Aschiana was struggling to pay the salaries for essential staff. The jobs at risk were: the 2 Guards needed to monitor people coming into the school yard, to protect the children and the school, day and night; the school Cook, who prepares the Hot Meal a Day for Aschiana's 500 pupils every day; the Driver, who amongst other duties, takes vital staff to the IDP camps, many miles outside Kabul, where Aschiana runs the tented schools for boys and girls; the 2 Cleaners, who keep the school's classrooms, washrooms and corridors clean and hygienic every day.  These 6 workers, male and female, are proud members of the Aschiana community and key to the everyday running of the organisation. They of course, rely on their salaries for their livelihoods and that of their families, living in a vibrant city like Kabul, but where there is no safety net to help the unemployed.

The monthly salary for each of these key 6 workers is the equivalent of £200. We were so pleased to raise and send the £14,400 needed to keep these people employed at Aschiana for a complete year - June 2015 to June 2016. They are in work and enjoying playing a fulfilling role at Aschiana, helping the staff and pupils who need them.  We are grateful to everyone who donates to us at Friends of Aschiana UK.

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