Donate now to Friends of Aschiana UK, to improve the lives of street working children in Afghanistan

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 Why give to Friends of Aschiana UK?

We are staffed completely by volunteers. We have no expensive premises to maintain. Almost 99% of all your donations go directly to Aschiana to improve the lives of street working children in Afghanistan.


Programmes we are helping right now:

Aschiana’s Hot Meal a Day Programme

Every student at Aschiana receives a hot meal, freshly cooked, every day. This not only means they don't go hungry, but helps them concentrate on their studies and gives them the energy to enjoy the many sporting activities the school provides for both boys and girls.

It costs just .25 pence to provide each child with a hot meal. £5 will feed a child for 20 days. £10 will feed a child for 40 days. A monthly donation means they do not go hungry. Thank you for whatever you can give.

Aschiana’s Women’s and Girls’ Centre – helping early married girls, street working girls and their mothers to get a full, academic education, vocational training and a small loans’ scheme to help them start and run their own businesses.

Aschiana’s Tented Schools in the IDP Camps – Aschiana provides an education and a hot meal a day to thousands of girls and boys living in Internally Displaced Person’s Camps, for families displaced by the fighting in Helmand Province. These people have lost everything they owned and worked for in their home region.

These programmes and many more will not survive without our help. 

Please help us to do this by giving whatever you can. It will make a difference.


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Whatever you give, you can be assured it will make a difference. Thank you.


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