Friends of Aschiana was set-up in 2002 in support of the Afghan organisation “Aschiana”. This followed a trip to one of the Aschiana centres in Kabul, where they work to improve the lives of some of the estimated 60,000 street children in the city. In 2004 “Friends of Aschiana” became a UK registered charity.

We ensure that 99% of the money that we raise goes directly to the children in Kabul. We are an entirely voluntary organisation with no administrative costs.

The street working children of Kabul, many of whom are orphans, earn money by selling plastic cups, water, cigarettes, cleaning shoes, burning incense and begging. Due to this they are unable to attend school and are missing out on even the most basic of education. They are at risk of kidnap by child trafficking gangs, sex work, substance abuse and drug smuggling, as well as disease and malnutrition.

Our trustees in Kabul work with Aschiana in order to identify areas where our funding can be the most effective. Current projects include the funding of a “one-hot-meal-a-day” programme for the 150 children in a centre for girls. If they did not have this programme the girls would otherwise only have a piece of bread and a cup of tea to last the day. This project costs just over £6 per girl per month.

We also fund four teachers of basic literacy, numeracy and health education all year round. They teach across the Aschiana centres and also run an outreach programme for children that are unable to travel to the centres. This costs £85 per month per teacher.

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